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Spring Issue '21


Spring Issue '21

  • Spring Issue 2021  //


    In the Spring 2021 Issue, local flower farmer Alissa Thompson of IndieGrow Flower Farm shares with us the shift that is occurring in the flower industry and her journey of starting a flower farm that partners with other local farmers. Artist Brianne Farley discusses her time at the new Tusen Takk artist residency in Leland, emphasizing the importance of leaving room for play and for making mistakes within the creative process. In a beautifully-written personal essay, Deirdre Mahoney reveals her experience of exploring the natural world in her neighborhood with her late husband, John, as he suffered from Alzheimer’s.


    Joe Beyer describes his ongoing correspondence with Joyce Bahle as she recounts stories of her time working as legendary writer Jim Harrison’s literary and business manager. Joe and Joyce discuss dogs and birds, weaving in stories of loss and home. Karen Stein, founder and creative director of Here:Say Storytelling considers the struggle between creativity and ego in a poem and companion sketch inspired by the mandated quiet over the last year. Writer Mae Stier (our amazing Assistant Editor!) tells the story of Mel & Fell, a husband-and-wife catering duo whose contributions to their small community in Empire have made a big impact throughout the course of the pandemic.




    9.5" x 6.5" Handsomely bound, color throughout. Not super glossy, instead with textured paper. Feels more like a book than a magazine. Is clean in design with striking imagery and easy to read. Someone would be happy to have it on their coffee table.

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