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Help us support Northern Michigan storytelling! 

  • Our readers are adventurous, thoughtful, creative, and loyal community members who are passionate about Northern Michigan.

  • We strive to support both young and established creatives, entrepreneurs, non-profits, & outdoor enthusiasts who will connect with a wide range of consumers who patronize businesses like yours.

  • They will save and savor every issue of The Boardman Review. The print issues are valuable reference material that are not discarded like general interest or advertising heavy publications.

  • We also reach a wider audience beyond Northern Michigan with print subscribers from many midwest hubs to coastal cities. Including those with an interest in the area despite not being local, along with people who may have a general fondness for our unique culture and style.




The Boardman Review - Print Issue Sponsor

Our standard rate to be an Issue Sponsor is $400 per issue, and $1,400 for a full year (four issues/$200 savings). Our Issue Sponsorship includes a full-page photo ad in the back of the issue, a logo and mention in front, newsletter features and mentions, and social media mentions. If you’re interested in supporting The Boardman Review and regional storytelling through an issue sponsorship, email us at the form below. 


tBR Films

We produce branded story-driven 3-5 minute documentaries to be included on our website, vimeo/youtube page, and submitted to potential film festivals. We also play the films at our issue release events, which average about 100-120+ people, so it's a great way to get in front of an engaged audience. You can use this video for your own promotion, website, social media, etc. We can offer to edit the main video into shorter ones that better fit for Instagram, Facebook, etc. as well.  

You can watch some of them at our Films page and here is a recent video we created with The Groundwork Center. Our rate range can vary depending on the project, so if you're interested in having a film made, it's best to reach out and start a conversation. Ultimately, this is something that we want to fit the spirit of your brand and becomes a valuable tool in showcasing what you are all about. 

Non-Profit Partner 

For each issue we have a Non-Profit Partner, which includes an article about the non-profit and 5% of the proceeds from that issue are donated to the non-profit. There is no fee to be involved, it is purely to help promote and support the organization.

If you are interested in partnering with The Boardman Review, please email us using the form below --  

Success! Message received. The Boardman Review will get back to you as soon as possible. Cheers!

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