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Spring Issue '22


Spring Issue '22

  • Spring '22 Issue  //


    Finding space, physically and mentally, to pursue endeavors that satisfy our central philosophies. In some cases it can be a lifelong pursuit. Sometimes it just takes a fresh location, a nudge from a stranger, the support from a partner, or all of the above. 


    In this issue, challenges are identified and accepted, and shaped to make moves. Alyssa Smith finds her way back to the artform she thought she could never pursue again. Lisa Moberly of Rad.Ish street food rediscovers her passion after immeasurable tragedy. For Italy-based artist Alice Pedroletti, and northern Michigan writer and professor Jaimien Delp, a setting to pursue their craft provided more than just a change in scenery.


    Writer Emily Hopcian tells the story of Pete Kirkwood, whose entire life has been molded around the functional manifestation of a personal philosophy, culminating in the Workshop Brewing’s business mission. Finally, Kristina Pepelko eloquently gives her take on the major issues facing our region, and how her involvement with the Grand Traverse Regional Community Foundation has helped define those challenges, and provided a structure to help find solutions. 




    9.5" x 6.5" Handsomely bound, color throughout. Not super glossy, instead with textured paper. Feels more like a book than a magazine. Is clean in design with striking imagery and easy to read. Someone would be happy to have it on their coffee table.

  • Usually ships within 3-5 business days.

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